The "Toxic Gossip Train" just keeps on chugging! It seems disgraced YouTuber and Miranda Sings performer Colleen Ballinger is now inadvertently frightening random residents in Rhode Island thanks to a mysterious prankster.

According to a viral TikTok, a concerned Rhode Island resident apparently posted a photo on Facebook of a creepy photo of Ballinger they found in their mailbox.

"This is pretty disturbing and upsetting to find in my mailbox. It did not have an envelope and no return address or note attached," the anonymous Facebook user wrote.

The accompanying screenshot shows the person's hand holding a highly edited photo of Ballinger from her infamous apology video, in which she hauntingly plays the ukulele and denies allegations of grooming underage fans via a kitschy song.

"It's even funnier because no one knows who she is, and not a single person has commented [on it]," the TikTok creator said of the mysterious mailbox post.

"Imagine you're just, like, working at the post office, and someone brings in this," he added, pointing to the altered image before calling a second photo received by another resident "kind of scary."

"Anyways, that's what's going on back in my hometown, and apparently, these senior citizens opening their mailboxes and getting this think it is a missing person or a demon," the TikToker concluded.

See below:

The TikTok was posted on June 28 and quickly became a meme, racking up over 14 million views.

The video also shows the comments section from the Facebook post.

"I'd be asking if anyone recognizes this girl and wondering if she is ok," one person wrote in the comments.

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"I would bring this to the [police] as soon as possible," someone else weighed in, while the original Facebook user who posted the image responded, "Planning on taking it to police tomorrow and the post office to ask about it.

"Prank or not, I would report it. It's evil and has a dark intention if you ask me," another viewer wrote.

It's unclear who the troll is, but the gag isn't over it seems, as one person commented on the TikTok: "HELP I JUST CHECKED MY MAILBOX AND I FOUND IT ... I LIVE IN [RHODE ISLAND]."

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