Colleen Ballinger's team is speaking out after a video surfaced of the YouTube star allegedly performing in blackface went viral.

Berk Brettler, the law firm representing Ballinger, released a statement Thursday (July 6) denying their client performed in blackface. The law firm said that Ballinger had instead "painted her face green like the witch" Elphaba from the Wicked musical.

"After that number, she went right into 'Single Ladies' (while still wearing the green makeup). At that time, she closed all her shows with that Beyonce number — it was one of her most popular bits," Berk Brettler told NBC News.

Earlier in the week, influencer Paige Christie unearthed footage of Ballinger covering Beyonce's "Single Ladies" while allegedly wearing blackface.

In the clip that went viral, Ballinger, performing as her alter ego Miranda Sings, sings the hit 2008 song with dark paint across her face.

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"Colleen Ballinger tells the world she's a racist with her full chest. Imagine doing a Beyonce song in Blackface and the audience are laughing & being entertained," activist Shola Mos-Shogbamimu tweeted after the clip went viral.

The blackface allegations are just the latest in a string of controversies for Ballinger, who, in a YouTube video posted by social media influencer Adam McIntyre in early June, was accused of grooming young fans.

Weeks after the allegations went viral, Ballinger broke her silence in a bizarre 10-minute YouTube video featuring her singing and playing the ukulele.

Since it was posted online, the apology video has been spoofed several times, including in a viral video by Howie Mandel.

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