A woman on Reddit got slammed online after admitting she planned to take her 2-year-old biological daughter to Disneyland while excluding her boyfriend's other young children from the trip.

"I have a kid with my boyfriend. He has kids from a previous relationship, 8 and 9 years old. I am the bread-winner due to him not being able to keep the good jobs. We lost our rental a couple of months back due to his lack of financial responsibility," she began.

"During these past couple of months we have been living with his parents, and our goal was to pay off our debt. Well, I've caught up on nearly $10,000 of debt while he's been able to only pay off $500. I do give him grace knowing he doesn't make much money, however, I know he has no other payments other than his phone and daycare. Therefore, paying a little extra toward debt should not be an issue," the woman shared.

"This summer, I really wanted to take a trip out to Disneyland. I told him about us going as a whole [family], he agreed. Well, as it gets closer, he's now saying we don't need to go, it's going to be too hot and too packed. 'The little one won't remember, the older kids aren't that into Disney anymore...' He tends to do this type of tactics when he realizes he can't financially do it," she explained.

"I have no issue doing 50/50 but that's where he won't meet me halfway. He'd rather no one go. So my question is, would I be the a--hole if I decide to make it a trip with just my bio kid and I? And him pay his way if he can afford it," she continued.

"I hate this situation but I am a firm believer in not letting my kid lose out on experiences if others aren't willing to do that for them. This is why I work so hard, so she will never miss out on anything and have everything she wants and needs," the mom concluded.

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Users in the comments criticized the woman for staying with a "deadbeat," prioritizing a vacation over financial stability and for excluding the other children.

"You have your daughter living with this loser and his parents, you have no housing or safe space for her if the relationship goes sideways, and you want to go to Disney? She’s 2, she won’t remember. Focus on getting her out of this situation," one person advised.

"If you're not able to keep stable housing and have debt, you're not able to afford Disney for anyone right now. And kids are just kids. Don't treat any of them as 'bonus,'" another commented.

"It would be 100 percent fine to only take your bio kid, if you were separated from your boyfriend. However, you can't date, live with, and have a baby with a man with two kids and then treat the kids unequally. That will only build resentment which will make your life harder in the long run," someone else wrote.

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