Emily Ratajkowski just made a bold statement about non-Taylor Swift fans.

On the latest episode of her podcast High Low with EmRata, which featured pop star Troye Sivan as a guest, Ratajkowski revealed that, as a newly minuted Swiftie since attending The Eras Tour, she has a new outlook on the singer.

"I was not a Swiftie, and now I’m like, you know what that means? That means I was a misogynist that I didn’t f--k with Taylor Swift," Ratajkowski declared.

"Because I went to her concert, and I was like, ‘This person is an incredible songwriter, an incredible performer, and anybody who says anything else? Like, they have issues.' And actually, maybe not a very sophisticated palette ... If you don’t like Taylor Swift, then, like, you don’t understand things," she added.

The topic came up when Sivan and Ratajkowski began discussing music, and Ratajkowski revealed that she used to avoid listening to pop music.

"I kind of grew up in a little bit of a 'snobbery' around my generation. I didn't listen to Britney Spears ... I wasn't somebody who listened to pop music a ton," she shared.

"And then I was dating someone, actually, and they were talking about, like, just because something's popular doesn't mean that it isn't excellent," the model continued.

"And did you come around?" Sivan asked, to which Ratajkowski replied, "Yeah, I came around. It changed it for me completely."

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On Twitter, fans had varying reactions to Ratajkowski's statements.

"Not liking Taylor Swift makes you a misogynist……?" one person questioned in a tweet.

"It’s fine to be a fan and acknowledge her talent, but the logic here is interesting," another person tweeted.

One Swift fan supported Ratajkowksi's words, tweeting, "I love her ... she’s here to look hot, humble men, and slay."

However, one person outwardly disagreed with Ratajkowski's bold statement about misogyny.

"Weaponized white feminism is a hell of a thing, man. You’re allowed to not vibe with Taylor Swift. You’re even allowed to actively dislike her and her music, as long as you aren’t a s--theel about it. Having the choice is, actually, the most radical option," they tweeted.

"Not being a swiftie is misogyny? Please be serious. Liking a celebrity and their music and craft isn’t feminism," someone else agreed.

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