Former Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson went to a concert and got high the day her ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner died — and she's got absolutely no regrets about not mourning the Playboy founder's death.

Speaking to People, Wilkinson revealed she attended a Sublime concert in California and "smoked a lot of weed" just hours after Hefner died at the age of 91 on Sept. 27, 2017.

"Look, at the end of the day, I owe Hef nothing. I’m not going to sit here and protect him. Hugh Hefner decided to date millions of girls, right? That's not my responsibility. And whatever happened with him, with his relationships, that was his thing. It’s not my responsibility to protect a man for his life choices," she told the magazine.

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The former Playboy model was only 18 when she joined the Playboy Mansion as one of Hef's girlfriends in 2004. At the time, the controversial media mogul was 78 years old; the couple had a whopping 60-year age gap.

Now in therapy 20 years after she first began dating Hefner, Wilkinson is finally unpacking her time spent in the infamous Playboy Mansion alongside her Girls Next Door co-stars Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt.

"I got into deep regret [afterward]. I got to that point where I started hating myself [and asking], ‘Why did I have sex with Hugh Hefner?’ I hated my boobs, my body, my face. I got to that point where I started hating myself," Wilkinson admitted to People.

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The real estate agent and former reality TV star had to "look back at [her] 20s" and "face [her] demons," a journey which culminated in the revelation that Playboy "messed up [her] whole life."

Things became even more difficult for Wilkinson when people began asking her about the many allegations against Hefner over the years, including accusations of sexual assault.

“Do you know how many people were putting pressure on me to stick up for Hef with all his allegations and all this stuff? That’s not my responsibility to stick up for someone like that. That’s what started triggering me because people were like, ‘Well, why don’t you stick up for him?’ And I had a marriage to my ex-husband and now two kids to focus on now, not Hugh Hefner ... I'm, like, ‘Hef's not a part of my life anymore. Can we not include Hef in my life moving forward?’” she explained.

Wilkinson moved out of the Playboy Mansion in 2009 after she met former NFL player Hank Baskett, whom she wed at the mansion just a few months later. Her reality spinoff snow, Kendra, launched the same year on the E! network. The series aired for four seasons through 2011.

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