Olivia Wilde made a truly wild fashion choice when she attended Colton Underwood and Jordan C. Brown's wedding in Napa Valley, Calif., this past weekend.

Not only did she wear a white dress, which is a huge no-no when it comes to weddings, but she wore a literal bridal gown to the nuptials.

"Wore a wedding dress to a wedding just so I could make a joke about it in my toast. The grooms approved," Wilde explained on her Instagram Story alongside a photo of her carrying a parasol while wearing a long, white silk dress and sunglasses.

@oliviawilde via Instagram
@oliviawilde via Instagram

Fans reacted to the photos online, with many confused by the choice.

"Only Olivia Wilde would wear a wedding dress to a gay wedding. She always finds a way to make everything about her, I swear," one person tweeted.

Another person criticized her friendship with Underwood, who has a controversial past, tweeting, "Olivia Wilde being besties with Colton Underwood who stalked his ex on The Bachelor and wearing a wedding dress at his gay wedding is honestly something I am very much not surprised about."

However, someone else called Wilde "a queen," and said that people should strive to be more "unapologetic" like her.

According to People, the intentional fashion faux-pas was all in good fun since the grooms themselves broke tradition by wearing Tom Ford suits in green and blue instead of the usual black tuxedo.

"The day of our ceremony, we have a disco-themed pool party. We wanted to break some of the traditional norms of what a ceremony and a wedding look like. And for the entire weekend, we recognize that a lot of people attending, both of our families and some of our friends, this will be their first queer wedding. We really want to make it special," Underwood detailed.

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The ceremony took place at Carneros Resort and Spa Friday (May 12) and was a three-day affair that extended into the weekend. The couple danced to Gabby Barrett's "The Good Ones," and guests included Bachelor host Chris Harrison and Queer Eye's Bobby Berk.

Underwood, who rose to fame as a cast member in ABC's popular Bachelor franchise, including The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, came out as gay publicly on Good Morning America in 2021.

Underwood and Brown got engaged in February 2022 after meeting at a Los Angeles party in April 2021.

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