A 25-year-old pregnant woman on Reddit is devastated after her husband berated her and called her useless for not cooking breakfast

for his father during a surprise visit.

"My father-in-law came to visit three days ago and when he arrived late at night I was shocked because we were not expecting him until a day ago. I’m heavily pregnant and I could easily pop anytime from now. My energy levels have dropped significantly and I can barely do any house work," she began.

"Now the day he arrived I was lucky because I had prepared the meals in bulk for meal prep as I’m doing this to save energy. So I served him the food and it wasn’t a problem at all. Now fast forward to today, my FIL has an interview but last night both him and my husband didn’t let me know what time he was going to leave," the young woman continued.

"I was woken up early morning by my husband to iron his father’s clothes. I didn’t want to but I did it. I haven’t been well lately due to pregnancy and getting out of bed is a bit hard. My husband then went on to scroll on his phone whilst I did the ironing," she added.

The man couldn't be bothered to "at least boil water for his father’s breakfast," so when she was finished ironing she asked why he didn't make his dad breakfast and he claimed she doesn't "love his relatives."

"I went back to bed and told him I wasn’t well and that I wasn’t going to make breakfast. He went on to say he can’t wait for me to go to my parents (after I give birth I’m meant to stay at my parents and learn a few things about the baby) because I’ve become useless," she concluded.

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Users in the comments section supported the woman and advised her to leave her husband before things get worse.

"You are getting treated like a servant, a maid and not an equal partner. Is there any chance that you can go to your parents or good friends? I would not stay in this hostile environment ... You deserve a partner who is loving and respecting you. No one should call another human 'useless.' This is an abusive relationship and it will only get worse by now. I hope you find the strength in this difficult situation to leave!" one person wrote.

"I would go to my parents and NEVER COME BACK. She can literally give birth anytime and her husband can't do something simple like heating up food? She needs to leave, 100 percent after she gives birth she would be expected to do ALL of the childcare and chores," another commented.

"Well, now you know you should pack not only clothes but all your important paperwork as well (birth certificate, IDs, social security card, etc.). And plan to stay at your parents indefinitely. What a raging a--hole your husband is for him to expect you, his wife, to wait on your FIL like you're a maid or something. He will only get worse with time. What do you think is gonna happen when the baby gets here and you're laid up in pain? Seems to me he will expect you to do everything in the house plus care for the baby all by yourself," someone else weighed in.

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