Sugary goodness is the way we celebrate, finish up a delicious dinner, or treat ourselves. It's also an emotional eating habit to combat depression even though we know it's very temporary making us feel worse after the fact.

While we all know that too much sugar is one of the major causes of weight gain, obesity, or diabetes, how about this reason to cut back?

The positive changes your brain will undergo when you reduce your sugar is absolutely incredible according to the Science Alert website. Our bodies run on glucose which is sugar fueling the cells in our body and that includes the brain. This is why we can so easily enjoy those pick-me-ups with sugar.

myriam zilles
myriam zilles

Sugar is a hit of dopamine and those increased feel-good endorphins lift spirits and give us energy according to Science Alert which is another reason we're drawn to it and can be hard to quit but rewiring your brain is doable and you'll love the clarity that comes with it.

According to the Pure Wow website here's how your brain will change for the better and you'll love every minute it and feel like a new person.

  • Cognitive Clarity: Consistent processed sugar inflames your brain resulting in brain fog you don't even know you have because you've adapted. Less sugar equals sharper focus and better memory. During this recalibration your brain actually tells your body it's not interested in sugar.
  • Reduced Anxiety: Your gut talks to your brain and too much sugar hinders that communication because of inflammation. That in itself impacts mental health and anxiety so cutting back on sugar improves the chit chat your gut and brain need.
  • Improved Sleep Quality: Less processed sugars and high fructose corn syrup regulate your blood pressure which leads to more restful and rejuvenation sleep habits.

You'll start to really notice the difference everywhere including your brain which is what activates our desire for sugar in less than two weeks according to the Well and Good website.

On a side note, your metabolism will work better due to the rewiring or your brain.

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