A woman on Reddit is frustrated after her husband became enraged with her for not calling his mother back quickly enough. Now, she believes he "hates" her.

"His mom was using an unregistered number. My phone is set to silence unknown numbers. His mom messaged him on Facebook and said, 'Did she block me? My call is bouncing whenever I call her.' When my husband told me about this, my initial reaction was, 'Why did she not leave a text or Facebook message?'" the woman began.

Her husband became upset with her and wanted her to call his mother back ASAP.

"I said there are a few unknown numbers calling me and I don’t know which one is hers. And he got mad and he said that I was just giving an alibi and did not really want to call back his mom. He sent me the screenshot of his mom’s message and she sounded like I intentionally blocked her," she continued.

Taking it personally, her husband left their family group chat, and told her she has "bad character."

"He’s furious as if I did a bad thing for not returning his mom’s call immediately. My husband is in the military and he’s not living with us. So he just 'seen' my message and did not reply. He turned off his online status on Messenger also," the woman continued, noting that when her husband gets upset with her, he usually gives her the "silent treatment."

"I still end up apologizing so we can be at peace. But this time I feel like he was oversensitive and he doesn’t listen to what I said and is very closed-minded. As if I committed a sin against his mom!" she concluded her post.

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Users in the comments urged the woman to consider leaving her husband.

"Your husband clearly doesn’t like you. Why bother? Why bust your a-- to be nice to his mother when he treats you like garbage?" one person wrote.

"Your husband is a mommy's boy. He takes what she tells him as gospel. Seriously, do you want to spend the next 30, 40 or more years like this? I am not one to urge divorce, but in your case you may want to consider it. He is verbally and emotionally abusive," another commented.

"Is this what you want? Forever walking on eggshells with your husband based on your MIL’s feelings because you’re not taking her calls? She’s calling from an unknown number, then cries to your husband, who then goes ballistic and blames you and then YOU have to apologize in order to keep the peace?!?? This is abusive and you really need to walk away before it escalates," someone else advised.

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