A woman on Reddit is at odds with her male friend of over two decades due to his jealous girlfriend.

"Now I would not say Miles is my best friend. He is a good friend and we do hang out on occasion but see each other on all major holidays because of our parents. The problem started because of a dumb childhood memory. When we were 8, we had a wedding play at school after care. I played the bride, and Miles the groom. It was a play. With horrible songs and uncoordinated kids," she wrote.

Their parents took pictures and videos of the play and they each have "one picture on our family picture walls."

Meanwhile, Miles has been dating his girlfriend, Lindy, since last year, and the woman claims that Lindy does not like her.

"So every time we coincide at a celebration, she makes a comment about me being the typical girl best friend. She one time said that I secretly wanted to sleep with Miles. I have no clue where she got that impression from. Miles and I have different friend groups and schedules. Besides the monthly catch-up over food, we didn't really meet that much," the woman explained.

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Things reached a boiling point when Lindy saw the photograph of them as kids.

"Things got worse when Lindy saw the wedding play picture. The comments just got more. She even started DMing me on Instagram saying 'she knew what game I was playing.' I talked to Miles once about this, and he told me to give her time," she continued.

When she was recently invited to Miles' birthday party, Lindy wrote her "saying something along the lines that she was going to supervise me."

"This was their first birthday as a couple, and I was not allowed to take up his time. I was honestly just fed up. I tried talking to Miles once more, but he said the same thing. So I just skipped out. When the party started I wrote a quick sorry I can't come and told him my mother was going to bring his present," she recalled.

Now, Miles is upset with her for skipping his birthday, and Lindy is also mad at her, claiming she made it about herself.

On top of everything, her parents are also upset she missed a "family function."

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Users in the comments backed the woman's decision, with many urging her to reveal the girlfriend's messages to her.

"Miles’ girlfriend is insanely insecure and jealous of you; you’ve tried talking to Miles about it and he won’t do anything about it. You’re basically getting threatening messages from her at this point, of course you don’t want to be around her! Your parents should understand that their relationship with Miles’ parents is just that... THEIR relationship. It’s not a family function, whatever they wish it to be," one person wrote.

"I would also tell him [Miles] her harassment is not okay. Tell him to tell her please stop messaging and harassing you," another user commented.

"Yeah if talking to him is not working, it's time to bring out the proof of what his girlfriend is doing. She's bullying [her] and [she] sounds like she's just taking it lying down instead of standing up for herself. Time to stand up and be heard. Don't be a jerk about it, but you do need to stand up for yourself and let everyone involved know that it's not acceptable for her to bully you like this and that something needs to change," someone else weighed in.

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