Louisiana is a great state to live in. We have amazing food, fabulous culture, and genuinely nice people. However, we're not immune to the bad stuff.

One of the biggest issues you've probably heard politicians mention over the last several weeks is crime in the state.

Police crime scene
Brian Jackson, Getty Stock / ThinkStock

The news can be quite depressing at times as there seem to be violent crimes committed more and more these days.

Now, when it comes to these serious crimes, many think of the biggest cities in the state, in particular, New Orleans.

mana5280 via Unsplash.com
mana5280 via Unsplash.com

While New Orleans can be a dangerous place to live in these days, when it comes to statistics based on crime to population, surprisingly, The Big Easy is not the worst culprit.

In fact, New Orleans did not make the FBI's list of the 10 most dangerous cities in Louisiana for 2023. (It did come in at #9 last year.)

To compile this list, the FBI combined violent crimes and property crimes and weighted the results per capita (per 100,000 people).

Which cities did make the list? We have that rundown for you here:

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Louisiana

While Louisiana is full of friendly people, great food, and fantastic music, there are some parts of it that aren't so good. The FBI has compiled a list of the most dangerous cities in every state, and here are the ones that topped the list for 2023.

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