Cottonelle has a new ad campaign for 2023 entitled "Tales From Down There" and it could be the most disturbing commercial about any product ever in the history of advertising.

Cottonelle Commercial 2023
YouTube Via Cottonelle

Cottonelle 'Tales From Down There' Commercial

The advertising world is a very competitive one. Ad campaigns that stand out and grab consumers' attention make the product rememberable.

If a product is rememberable, then the next time you're shopping, there's a better chance you'll buy that product.

After watching this new commercial from Cottonelle you'll see that it's definitely memorable...and fairly nightmare-inducing.

Are you ready? Let's get weird.

Really weird.

In this commercial from Cottonelle, we meet a dentist named Connie.

According to the YouTube description, "Her dirty little secret is her down there, which can be harder to clean than a case of dry socket."

Remember, these are Cottonelle's words, not ours.

From YouTube -

"Meet Connie, the Pillager of Plaque, the Crusher of Cavities, and loving mother to her twin boys and blind cat, Teefers. She’s seen the inside of more mouths than her set of 9th-generation heirloom silverware. Those who make eye contact with her feel the sudden urge to floss."


New Cottonelle Commercial
YouTube Via Cottonelle

Connie goes on to tell us that "down there is harder to clean a highchair on spaghetti night."

She's then suddenly covered in what we hope are giant spaghetti noodles and spaghetti sauce as she's being wrestled to the ground and eventually flushed down a toilet.

Different, out-of-the-box thinking in the advertising world is always a great thing, but we're wondering if you think this new Cottonelle commercial is a little too out-of-the-box.

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