Bass Pro Shops are a popular hunting and outdoor retailer with locations not only in Louisiana but across the nation. The Louisiana locations of the massive outdoor stores are in Bossier City and Denham Springs with a Bass Pro/Cabela's Boating Center located in Gonzales. So, we in Louisiana are quite familiar with what you can expect to find inside a Bass Pro Shops store.

Edwards Media via YouTube
Edwards Media via YouTube

However, outdoor enthusiasts who visited the Leeds, Alabama location of the huge outdoor retailer got to see a little bit more than the usual inventory just a few hours ago. An individual at the Leed's location of Bass Pro Shops, just before closing time, decided to strip naked, and then do a cannonball into the aquarium inside the store.

According to reports, the unidentified man was acting erratically as he arrived at the store. Witnesses say he drove his car into a power pole in the store's parking lot and then proceeded to remove his clothes. Once naked he entered the store and jumped into the water.

As police approached the man, who was standing naked beneath the Bass Pro Shops waterfall he dove back into the water in an attempt to evade them. He then attempted to climb out of the aquarium and in doing slipped and fell to the concrete floor knocking him unconscious.

Officers handcuffed the man and covered him with a blanket. According to reports the man began to struggle with officers once he regained consciousness. He was taken into custody and was expected to undergo a mental evaluation. It is believed the man will face charges for the damages caused during the incident including those done to the police cruiser which was used to take the man away.

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