Number 3's emotions were running high after her softball team had just lost an important game. She decided to take her anger and frustration out on her teammate, number 23, who reportedly lost the game, and the coach and parents did nothing to stop it.

Softball Player Beats Up Teammate For Losing Game

Softball Player Beats Up Teammate Who Lost The Game

A viral video showing a softball player viciously attacking her teammate for losing a game has many people shaking their heads in confusion.

When it comes to winning and losing in sports, emotions run high.

And while losing may bring feelings to the surface, you don't usually see players attack their teammates for losing a game, no matter how important the game is.

Above all of this, in the event that teammates do begin to fight each other, parents and coaches don't just sit back and allow it to happen without intervening.

Unfortunately, this coach and parents did exactly that.

Softball fight 23

Softball Fight 23

As the fight begins, you hear the softball coach telling everyone to "stay away...everybody stay away".

OK, if he's trying to hold other players back from joining in the fight, we get it.

However, it doesn't really seem like that's why he's telling everyone to "stay away" does it?

At the end of the video, the two girls fall to the ground again and that's when you see multiple adults and parents finally intervene and stop the fight.

Why didn't they intervene as soon as the fight happened?

Instead of initially stepping in to stop this vicious beating when it started, the adults and the softball team's coach seemingly just stood back and enjoyed the show.

From -

"The complacency of the coaches and parents watching really leaves us wondering as to how the situation got to be this bad.

Once the two land on the ground once a gain, the crowd is quick to intervene and even tries to summon the assailant away from the victim, having seen enough."

Below is the video posted to Twitter by @FightHaven.

This video contains graphic violence and language.

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