A police department outside of Nashville is making headlines after a shocking investigative report revealed multiple instances of sexual misconduct, all centered around one officer.

According to WSMV, five La Vergne police officers were fired and another three have been placed on suspension as a result of an ongoing investigation into "multiple sexual events between members of the department's evening shift."

The investigation was initiated back in early December 2022 when La Vergne Mayor Jason Cole received a tip about the sexual acts and passed them along to the city's HR department.

WMSV obtained the full investigative report through a records request, describing its findings as "shocking"—especially the one detail that sparked the entire investigation in the first place.

Based on the report, Officer Maegan Hall was at the center of the overall investigation into the multiple sexual relationships that had taken place within the department, both literally and figuratively.

Cole said he received information from a source that officer Maegan Hall was having intimate relationships with other members of the La Vergne Police Department. Those employees include Sgt. Lewis Powell, Officer Patrick Magliocco, Officer Larry Holladay, Detective Seneca Shields and Officer Juan Lugo-Perez, according to the report.

Not only did the report reveal that all of the male officers admitted to having "undisclosed sexual relationships with Hall," but some of the acts even took place on city property while officers were on the clock.

Sheilds told city officials Hall performed oral sex on him while they were on duty inside the police department gym before returning to their desks to finish the workday.

From "Girls Gone Wild"-themed parties on a high-ranking La Vergne police officer's houseboat where Hall removed her top while other officers drank heavily, to the swapping of explicit nude photos between officers, the investigative report detailed a clear culture within the department where sexual misconduct was allowed to run rampant and unchecked.

WSMV's Brandon Tierney combed through 20 pages of the investigative report, detailing numerous instances where the officers in question partied together while drinking and driving, discussed threesomes with Hall and their wives, and sometimes even participated in open marriage activities with one another.


The wild details surrounding the investigation have caused former Officer Maegan Hall to go viral given her involvement as the centerpiece of the shocking scandal.

Beyond the headlines and storylines surrounding Maegan Hall and all of the officers involved in the sexual misconduct investigation, the La Vergne Police Department has its own issues to deal with.

With the firing and suspensions of nearly ten officers, the department that is usually staffed with 60 members is currently missing almost 10% of its resources.

Department leadership has stated that police operations and patrols will not be affected in the city of La Vergne as a result of the vacancies.

See the full story and updates here via WSMV.

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