Recently in Harris County, Texas, a shooting occurred in an apartment complex. Here are the details of the case as we know them at the time of writing.

Case Details As Reported By Police

As reported by KHOU 11, the incident took place near the time of 3 AM Monday morning on March 4th, 2024:

Police reported that, at the time of writing, an unknown individual in a pickup truck began firing their weapon into the apartment where they young boy and his siblings were located. The bullets hit 12 year old Carlos Fernandez, and law enforcement pronounced him deceased at the scene of the shooting.

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KHOU 11 also reported that Fernandez was not alone in the room, he was asleep with siblings in the room as well:

Preliminary investigations suggest that shooting was a not a simple act of random violence.  Ed Gonzalez, Harris County Sheriff, told KHOU 11:

“It does appear to be a targeted act towards the apartment unit...I want to make that clear from what it appears. It doesn’t seem like a drive-by situation where someone drove by indiscriminately.”

Police continue to gather evidence about the shooting, and as this is developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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