Health is important to many in the state of Texas.

When we don't feel well, many things are impacted. Our work ethic suffers because of illness, we worry if we got anybody else sick...there's a lot we go through. The biggest thing though of course is that we just hate feeling bad.

So for some of us, we simply try to get through the sickness, or take medication to help with the effects of the illness. However, other times, the disease is so severe that we need to go to a doctor to make sure we're ok.

One Texas couple however, were surprised not by the services of an Urgent Care, but rather what happened at the Urgent Care itself.

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Texas Couple Gets A Shocking Surprise In Mont Belvieu, Texas


According to Chron, the situation began on a Tuesday. The couple, Austin Jennings and Christina Tirado traveled to Mont Belvieu Urgent Care. Jennings was dealing with the nasty combo of Flu and Strep Throat at the same time.

Their appointment was at 6 PM, which was an hour before the business was set to close. Chron reports that after they escorted to a patient room at 6:30 PM, Jennings was given a breathing treatment, with the nurse saying that she'd come back to make sure they were alright.

But that's not what happened. KENS 5 interviewed the couple about their experience:

After a short while in the room, Jennings left to look for the bathroom, and inadvertently set off a security alarm. The couple then discovered they were alone in a closed urgent care. They even documented the experience on social media:

Mont Belvieu Urgent Care refunded the couple, and in addition, fulfilled the prescriptions they needed. But, what a scary situation to be locked in a building with no apparent reason why you were left behind!

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