There comes a time in life where a potential job opening appears or an opportunity that we can't just pass up. So then comes a difficult decision to an individual. Should you seize the opportunity or stay put?

Sometimes there is no right answer. But when the choice is made, other items come into play. When is the start date for the new opportunity? How much time do I have until I need to be there? And...

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Where Am I Moving To?

When you leave a state you've been in for a long while, it's rather scary isn't it? This of course is no different in Texas, where some Texans leave to live in another state. While sad, a part of Texas will always be with them.

But...where are our former Texans going exactly? Well, Stacker compiled the data for all the states where they move off to. So let's take a look at the top ten shall we? Of course, all data has been provided by Stacker, with the latest info coming in 2019.

Adios Texas! Here Are The Ten States Former Texans Move To

Moving away from Texas is always a daunting thought. But where do the former citizens of Texans go when they leave? The top ten is right here.

That number one state is rather shocking isn't it? Where did you move to Texas from? Let us know by sending us a message on our FREE station app!

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