It looks like El Paso's very own the Taco Shop is at it again, offering up an new exotic and intriguing dish.

In the past, the Taco Shop, located at 1920 N. Zaragoza, has offered up some unique dishes, like when they offered ants as a taco meat option.

or when they offered some interesting and exotic options like rattlesnake and tarantulas.

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And then there was the time they offered armadillo sopes.

You have to admit, the Taco Shop is very creative when it comes to their menu options, and although I haven't been brave enough to try their exotic dishes, the end product always looks delicious.

Which is why their newest offering shouldn't come as much of a surprise- although the photo may take you by surprise!

The Taco Shop recently offered Geoduck clam & Sea Urchin.

Yes, the geoduck looks a bit... obscene, but every other thing on the Taco Shop's menu is delicious, and their previous exotic offerings were praised and well received, I don't see how this would be any different.

The final product with the geoduck clam came in the form of a tostada; a geoduck ceviche with mango pico de gallo.

The dish was raw, as with some seafood offerings that come raw and the Taco Shop said:

We wanted to keep this dish raw for guests to taste the freshness of both the Geoduck & Uni.

I, once again, chickened out of trying it, but I do admit it looks delicious.

@tacoshopelpasogeoduck shell removal breakdown check out our previous video to see what we made with this beauty @tacoshopelpaso

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I think it's pretty cool that The Taco Shop is offering a taste of these for free, it gives people the option to try it and see if they do like it. You can keep up with the next exotic offering the Taco Shop has by following them here.

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