We love spooky things; whether it's ghost towns, haunted houses, or traveling to the real life filming locations of horror movies. Sometimes, in this case, we love going to places based on shows like The Munsters. If you travel to Ellis County in Texas, you can find a replica of the REAL mansion that the Munster lived in back in the 1960s.

Where is the real Munster Mansion in Texas?

If you travel to Waxahachie, just south of Dallas/Ft Worth, you will find a house completely dedicated to the real house of the Munster family. The place is called, fittingly, The Munster Mansion. No it's not located on 1313 Mockingbird Lane; it's actually located at 3636 FM813.

The mansion started off as the personal home of Munster super fan Sandra McKee & her husband Charles; a project that started back in the early 2000s. The mansion is filled with props & mannequins of the likes of Herman & Lily Munster, Grandpa, even Spot the Dragon can be seen at the staircase.

Even The Texas Bucket List had to make a stop and see everything for its. No Shane didn't take the Munster Koach for a spin.

They're not the only ones either; many fans of horror & The Munsters wanted to see the mansion for themselves & shared their own videos online, giving a virtual tour of the place.

Keep in mind, it IS personal property (and a private residency) so if you want a tour of the Munster Mansion, people can email them on their website or message them on Facebook.

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