Did you know that there are only twelve Sears stores left in the country? In Texas, there is only one left! The last Sears in all of the Lone Star state is located right here in El Paso, Texas inside Cielo Vista Mall.

Sears To Close More Kmart Stores
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At one time, Sears was the largest retailer in the world? What happened? Well, other retail giants like Walmart and Amazon took over and Sears went into debt! Not even an acquisition from Kmart could help Sears.

Sears filed for bankruptcy in 2018, and store closures were rampant. Many experts wonder why there's even any left open at all; and it definitely raised some eyebrows when Sears decided to open two stores late last year!

But nonetheless, one Sears remains open in Texas, and while it lives inside a mall, another relic that many think is also doomed to come to an end soon, I decided to visit it! That's right, I went to a mall in this the year 2024; and what I found is that Cielo Vista Mall is still very much the mall that I remember growing up. There's still lots of stores open- and it was packed with people.

Here is a little glimpse inside the only Sears left in Texas.

A Look Inside The Only Sears Left in Texas

There are only 12 Sears left in the country, and only one in the entire state of Texas! Here's a look inside the former retail giant!

Gallery Credit: Joanna Barba

I have to admit, they had some pretty good sales on appliances; which opened my eyes to a whole new level of adulthood! Staff were friendly, as always. But it did make me feel a bit nostalgic looking at some of the empty spaces inside the Sears. The entire mall made me feel nostalgic just thinking about how once upon a time, that was the place to hang out at. If you are curious into seeing other "dead malls" in Texas, check this out.

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