You never know what can happen on the road, especially when travelling down the highway. Police officers certainly know that every time they pull someone over. And for one Seguin, Texas state trooper, he certainly was reminded that no traffic stop is routine. He & the driver he pulled over could've been killed if it wasn't for his amazing intuition.

Why was this state trooper called psychic?

It was May 5th, 2000 in Seguin, Texas where a Texas state trooper pulled over a woman on the highway. Everything is going normal. The trooper asks to see the woman's license, she explains it's a rental, then he goes back inside his car while the lady walks back to the car, close to the road. Then the trooper steps out out of the & asks her to step off to the side of the road, because he doesn't want her to get struck by a vehicle.

What happened next...well, you can see the dashboard camera down below.

"Just like that. See? Just like that..."

Thankfully no one was killed in the crash. Because of the state trooper's quick thinking to direct the lady away from her car, he saved the woman's life.

Of course once the video made its way onto the internet, people were able to see the footage for themselves. After watching just how quickly the officer was able to predict her car getting struck by the van, they nicknamed him the "psychic state trooper".

Whether it was truly psychic abilities or not, 20 years later people still watch this dashboard camera in amazement by this police officer, his ability to predict the danger on the highway & his quick thinking to save a stranger's life.

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