Have you ever seen the smallest Buc-ee's ever? Well, it exists and it's now fixing to reopen.

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About half way between Sanderson and Marathon headed West on Highway 90, you will find what is known as the smallest Buc-ee's in Texas- and in the world. Check it out.

What is this, a Buc-ee's for ants?!

Apparently, this small ass Buc-ee's was first opened back in April of 2022, but it closed down suddenly- maybe because only one person could fit in it?!

No one really knows how it opened up or who decided to make it a small Buc-ee's, but it was there one day and then gone the next.

But according to CBS Texas, it's going to open up again soon. No word on when, or if this will be just like that Prada in Marfa, where it's just a simple art installation where you can take pretty cool photos.

David Solce via Unsplash
David Solce via Unsplash

Of course, many Texans are excited to hear the news; Buc-ee's is very special and near and dear to Texans hearts. If it is just an art installation/ selfie backdrop, I guess we can't expect to see any Beaver nuggets, or that beef jerky everyone loves- not even the bathrooms that are notorious for being clean.

Also, I can't say I'm too excited about this. As a Texan who has lived in El Paso all her life; a Buc-ee's can be placed in the middle of a highway in Texas but we can't have one here in El Paso? Wack.

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