Calling all horror lovers in Texas! If you're like me and are planning on taking a horror-themed road trip through the Lone Star state (trust me, you'll want to do a horror-themed road trip, more on that below!), well you're definitely going to want to stop at this unique pub-style restaurant!

If you're a big fan of Texas Chainsaw Massacre- then you'll want to stop by Hooper's for a bite to eat. Not only does the food look delicious, but this is a special place for all fans of the original movie- and it's various spin-offs. Hooper's is the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre house!

Hooper's, named so after Tobe Hooper, of course, is located in Kingsland, Texas and has been Hooper's since 2022. Inside, you'll find some pretty cool memorabilia from the film.

And a pretty cool atmosphere, complete with a full bar serving up craft cocktails, wine, and beer.

While it looks like Hooper's has been modernized, there's definitely a reminder that you're inside THE house where Leatherface and his cannibalistic family lived.

As for the food, Hooper's is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and dishes out hearty eats for all three meals.

And, if you're lucky, your meal could be served by Leatherface.

And if you're looking to enhance your horror trip, just under two hours of Hooper's Restaurant location is The Gas Station in Bastrop, TX. where you can enjoy some delicious barbeque, stay in one of their cabins and complete your Texas Chainsaw Massacre reenactment!

This Fredericksburg, TX Airbnb Is Like Something 'Straight Out Of A Horror Movie'

We all may remember the house from Nightmare on Elm Street or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. When you think of these, you don't exactly get all warm and fuzzy inside. Instead, it's more like a lump in your throat or stomach-sinking feeling. Unfortunately, for some travelers, this is the feeling they're getting when they pull up to this home in Fredericksburg, Texas. By the looks of the place from the outside, I get it.

Gallery Credit: Hosted by Vacasa Texas via Airbnb


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