You're on a road trip or a late night cruise, you're bound to come across a store like Circle K, Texaco, or a 7/11. For nearly a century, they've become a part of the American culture. But we wouldn't have as many stores if it wasn't for one Texas city: Dallas, Texas.


What was the first convenience store in Texas & when did it open?

To find this out, we need to travel back to Dallas in the 1920s with a company called the Southland Ice Company. In 1928, they would open up a chain of Southland stores called "Tote'm Stores". After some time they would eventually start selling grocery items inside these stores. In 1938, there would be a total of 60 stores across Dallas-Ft Worth, with people working from 7 am to 7pm, working 7 days a week. The stores would change their names to something more familiar... 7/11.

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7/11 is not the only chain convenience store that opened in Texas

Another huge name would open up in El Paso in 1951. The former El Paso mayor, Fred Hervey (who served from 1951-1955 & again from 1973-1975) would purchase the three Kay's Food Stores in El Paso. These places would change their name & eventually become... Circle K. If you want to know more about the history, the YouTube channel, Company Man, did a very in-depth look into the history of Circle K.

Were there other convenience stores founded in Texas?

The two other big ones that you might know from the state of Texas include Texaco (formerly the Texas Fuel Company) & one that's certainly a favorite of Texans, Buc-ee's.

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