Texas is known for having a no nonsense attitude toward crime, certain crimes in particular, and El Paso really drove that point home with this prison sentence.

Texas takes law and order seriously and we are not shy at all about punishing the guilty up to and including a great willingness to use the death penalty. You mess with Texas, you'll pay.

Obviously, the judicial system isn't perfect and some criminals don't really get what they deserve. Some even go free on technicalities but when Texas courts do act, they don't play.

Texas didn't hand down the longest prison sentence in U. S. history, that one happened in Oklahoma where a child rapist was given 30,000 ... you read that right, 30,000 ... years. 2nd place was only about 8,000 years behind him.

What Was The Longest Prison Sentence Handed Down In Texas?

Until recently, it was 40 life sentences plus 60 years. Depending on the crime and other mitigating circumstances, "life" equals about 25 years on average so this guy got 1,060 years.

There's a new record now though, following the Walmart shooting in El Paso. In 2019, another worthless POS drove across Texas to the Walmart near Cielo Vista Mall. Fueled by a hatred of Hispanics; he opened fire, killed 23 people and wounded about as many.

For some reason, prosecutors did not seek the death penalty in this case, instead giving the shooter 90 consecutive life terms. Based on the 25 year average mentioned above, he's in for 2,250 years.

If he lives that long ... prison life sometimes dispenses its own justice.

What Is A Day Like In Texas Prisons? A View From Both Sides Of The Bars

Have you ever wondered what life inside a Texas prison is really like? I asked friends who are correction officers and folks who have volunteered at jails. I also asked former inmates, and browsed forums and articles with current and former inmates. Put all together, it paints what I hope is a fairly accurate picture of daily prison life in Texas.

Gallery Credit: Renee Raven

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