Humans are the top of the heap when it comes to nature's smartest creatures, (as far as we know anyway), but what are the dumbest ones?

Animals come in all shapes and sizes and they have many different abilities and needs. Some can fly, some breathe underwater and most have very acute senses. Especially when it comes to sight, smell and hearing.

There are some critters that have shown exceptional intelligence ... and some that show just the opposite.

On the smarter side of things, orangutans, chimps, dolphins, pigs, dogs and, (believe it or not), rats make up most of the a-z animals top 10 smartest animals list.

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The flip side to this is that while some animals are really smart, others are idiots.

That list is different from the one I found at

Their list of half wits included raccoons and bullfrogs but both lists agreed on a couple of animals. Including the 'lil fella that's become a symbol of Texas and one of our 8 official state animals.

Ladies and gents, I give you the humble armadillo. They're known for being fierce and determined but they're far from smart.

Then again, we're not always the "Einsein's of the universe" either and sometimes even the "stupid" armadillo gets one over on us. For instance:

Krazy Arrow Ranchette in Chaparral, NM.