You might, at first, think it has something to do with bringing marijuana into Texas from the mile "high" city. It doesn't though ...

Since Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, a number of people have been busted trying to buy it there and bring it back home with them. That's not the case here though.

Rendon Dietzmann ... ironic, huh? His name starts with "DIE" ... decided to go from Colorado Springs to Denver. It's 70 miles from point A to point B and he made the trip successfully.

In about 25 minutes which is what the law frowned upon.

Dietzmann was wanted by the Colorado State Patrol on suspicion of reckless endangerment, reckless driving, menacing and other charges and is charged in El Paso County Court after a since-deleted YouTube video from September showed him going over 150 mph on I-25 at Garden of the Gods Road, squeezing through small gaps between vehicles and weaving between lanes and the highway shoulder. - texasmetronews

He posted a video on YouTube that was taken down but here's about 1:00 of it ...

I did find some other ones though, he goes by Gixxar Brah online, starting with one of his trips to Colorado.

Here's his intro ...

A trip to the pool ...

One more just for fun ...

I suppose I should do the right, proper, (perhaps required), thing here and remind you that this kind of stuff is not only illegal, it could also get you somewhere else in record time ... jail, ICU or Heaven.

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