B.G. says he has spoken to Lil Wayne since dissing Weezy on the new song "Gangstafied" with Finesse2tymes.

B.G. Claims He Spoke to Wayne

On Sunday (Jan. 7), B.G. shared a video on social media addressing his recent drama with his former label mate Lil Wayne.

"I'll tell a n***a I love him and call him a b***h all in the same sentence," B.G. says in the video clip below. "So, if you ain't like...you know...this family business. Shout out to my little brother Weezy, too."

He continued: "I talked to my little brother last night. Shout out to shorty. Still my little bro. I love my little bro. S**t be complicated sometimes. But, you know, Gizzle gon' do what Gizzle does."

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B.G. Disses Wayne on New Song

B.G.'s recent explanation comes after he called out Lil Wayne on the Finesse2tymes track "Gangstafied," which was released on Jan. 5.

"My n***a Boosie went home and my dawg was steady blowing," B.G. raps on the Kane and Abel-sampled track. "My n***a Weezy steady touring, but he's b***h and it's showing/I'm still a living legend, don't act like you didn't know it."

B.G. has since released a song called "Gold Teeth Gizzle" where he raps he loves Lil Wayne. Wayne has yet to respond publicly to the diss.

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See B.G. reveal he spoke to Lil Wayne after dissing Tune on a new song below.

Watch B.G. Explain His Feelings About Lil Wayne

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