Blueface has revealed that his accusation against Chrisean Rock of having sex with Offset is false.

Blueface Explains Why He Accused Chrisean Rock of Having Sex With Offset While on IG Live With Soulja Boy

During a heated Instagram Live with Soulja Boy at some point between Sunday evening (Dec. 17) and early Monday morning (Dec. 18), Blueface explained why he claimed Chrisean, the mother of one of his children, slept with Offset, which is apparently false. While Draco and Blue slung disses back-and-forth stemming from their own newly formed beef, the Los Angeles rapper said he made the fabricated claim because Chrisean has spread lies about Blueface on social media.

"You wanna know why I did that?" Blueface said to Soulja during the Live. "’Cause the b***h be on here popping it. 'I'm gay. I'm tryna do this.' OK, you wanna pop it, b***h? I know the truth."

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Blueface and Soulja Boy Trade Disses on IG Live

Blueface and Soulja IG Live came about following a beef that ignited online, which saw the men exchanging insults that involved the mothers of their children. What started out as Blueface challenging Soulja to a Verzuz battle turned into Blueface alleging that he had sex with Soulja Boy's baby mama. In response to this, Soulja quipped back, saying he'd sleep with Jaiydn Alexis and Chrisean Rock, the mothers of Blueface's sons.

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Blueface Claims Chrisean Rock Had Sex With Offset

Last weekend, Blue hopped on X, formerly known as Twitter, to make the appalling accusation. "FINALLY," Blue wrote at the time before referencing Chrisean having a tattoo of Blueface covered up. "Being tatted ona hoe is not a flex you literally f**ked cardi B husband couple weeks ago I'm tired of n***as looking at me while they f**king you get the rest of em gone asap please [prayer hands emoji]."

Chrisean took notice of Blueface's tweet and made some accusations of her own. She fired back, "You over there trynna crack NLE Choppa Baby Moma she dubbed you[.] You got no rizz my boy [cry laughing emoji]."

Chrisean went on to accuse Blueface of watching gay porn before denouncing Blue's claim of sleeping with ’Set.

Blue then replied to Chrisean: "So you ain't f**k card husband November 10th at 4am at the house in LA…I'm making this up?"

Offset, however, quickly cleared his name: "I ain't never have talk or touch that lady. Real talk man you need some help!"

Watch Blueface Explain Why He Accused Chrisean Rock of Having Sex With Offset

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