Boosie BadAzz has appeared to respond to Wack 100 threatening to beat him up.

Boosie Responds to Wack 100

On Wednesday (Dec. 27), Boosie BadAzz went live on Instagram. When one person commented they were gonna tell people where to find the Louisiana rapper, he responded by saying he wasn't worried about anyone who has issues with him.

"I ain't worried about nobody," Boosie said. "I ain't got no opps. I ain't even got no opps no more. I'm in the city where everybody love me. Well, not everybody. I don't got no problems nowhere I go. I ain't in no beef with no n***as. Life is great."

He continued: "I ain't got no opps. When I got opps, it's bad for a lot of people. It's not gon' be a good day. I be everywhere by myself. Enjoying my life...I have my n***as with me mostly, sometimes. I ain't go no opps. Life is great. N***as don't want me to turn into a maniac."

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Boosie and Wack 100 Beef Erupts

Boosie's latest live comes on the heels of beef erupting with Wack 100 after Boosie called out Wack for claiming B.G. is a snitch.

"How the f**k a n***a snitch, he done 13 years, 14 years?" Boosie questioned on Instagram Live on Tuesday (Dec. 26). "Get the f**k out of here."

Boosie, who was one of the first artists B.G. collabed with when he came home from prison in September, captioned the video, "DISS N***A A [Clown] #3fingerwack."

Wack responded to Boosie with threats of bodily harm.

"Why Boosie mad at me? Didn't he call [Birdman's brother] Gangster a rat based off paperwork?" Wack 100 questioned on Clubhouse. "So, he mad at me ’cause I called B.G. a rat ’cause we got the paperwork."

"I will beat the f**k out of you, Boosie," Wack continued. "You know me in real life. You weigh about 117 pounds. I will beat the dog s**t out of you, boy. I will catch you."

B.G. has since addressed the snitching allegations.

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See Boosie speaking on his opps after being called out by Wack 100 below.

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