Joe Budden has debuted his highly anticipated interview with Candace Owens and the conservative pundit expresses some harsh opinions on the state of Black culture.

Joe Budden Interviews Candace Owens

On Friday (March 15), Joe Budden finally delivered after teasing the interview with the controversial right-wing talking head for the past couple of weeks. During the interview, which can be seen in full here, the two discuss opinions on Black America, fat acceptance, porn addiction, how she's perceived and more. At one point during the interview, Owens got on the topic of her disdain for the current state of Black culture and cited Ice Spice's latest single "Think U the S**t (Fart)."

"I just don’t need to hear about Ice Spice’s farts," Candace sternly declares in the video below. "I just don’t. I don’t want to hear about it. We used to produce really good music and it’s gone down the drain. I think even that is international. I think it’s because it’s a part of the, ‘Let’s slowly make it modify the education systems so that Black people can’t read and, at the same time, feed them with a pipeline of garbage,’ and you will wake up one day, and what surrounds you will be garbage."

She continues: "Now, we’re at a place where we don’t even just produce it, we defend it. We’re like, 'That’s Black culture.' No, it’s not. When did you grow up? That’s not Black culture that I grew up with. So, don’t try to make me love filth."

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Candace Owens Previously Calls Out Ice Spice

This is not the first time Candace Owens has been critical of Ice Spice. Following the released of "Fart" back in January, Ownes blasted the track on her show.

"If you're wondering whether or not it's a good song, what do you think? It's called 'Think U The S**t (Fart)'," Owens said before playing a clip from the song. "Now I think we can all admit that we've fallen as a society. I mean, I wouldn't say that was Mozart or Beethoven, but I'm not all of these mainstream media publications that routinely run to defend this kind of music similar to what they did with 'WAP' the most disgusting and filthiest lyrics I've ever read. They will then sit down and write an article trying to convince you that what you just heard was magical and they did this with this Ice Spice song."

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See Candace Owens opining on Black culture below.

Watch a Clip of Candace Owens' Interview With Joe Budden

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