Cardi B recently liked a social media post denying she took Offset back after the former couple were recently seen together on multiple occasions.

Cardi B Denies Reconciliation With Offset

On Wednesday morning (Dec. 27), X blog Thee Pop Feed reported that Cardi B and Offset had made amends after breaking up earlier this month.

"Cardi B has officially took Offset back after 12 days," the post reads below. "They were both spotted at Travis Scott’s concert tonight in New Jersey."

In response to the announcement, blogger Ken Barbie commented under the post with a clip from Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta where Kandi Burress emphatically tells another cast member, "You just made that up!"

Cardi B liked the post on X, confirming that she and Offset are stilling going their separate ways, for now.

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Cardi B and Offset Go Through Public Breakup

Cardi B confirmed she and Offset had broken up back on Dec. 10.

"I been single for a minute now," she said in a video shared on social media. "I just don't know how to tell the world. I feel like today has been a sign. The last time I got on Live, I kinda wanted to tell you guys. But I didn't know how to tell you. I changed my mind. But it has been like this for a minute now. I just took it as a sign. I want to start 2024 fresh, open. I don't know, I'm curious for a new life, new beginning."

A few days later, she cussed Offset out in a wild video on Instagram. However, they spent Christmas together with their kids.

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See Cardi B liking a post denying she took Offset back below.

Check Out the X Post Cardi B Liked Confirming She and Offset Are Still Broken Up

Cardi B likes post denying she took Offset back.

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