Cardi B and Offset are reportedly being taken to court for allegedly not paying rent and trashing a California vacation home.

Cardi B and Offset Accused of Trashing Home, Not Paying Rent in New Lawsuit

On Friday (Dec. 22), court documents obtained by TMZ claimed that Cardi and Offset had previously resided in a massive mansion in Beverly Hills, Calif. The landlord is claiming the couple left the property in October without notice, and that they were behind on rent and utility payments before their departure.

The owners added that they allegedly found "significant property damage" once the couple left. The damage reportedly included permanent scratches in the tile floors, rugs, and curtains, holes in the walls, broken furniture, and burn marks on counters, cabinets and tables. The estimated cost of damage is reportedly around $85,000.

XXL has reached out to Cardi B and Offset's teams for further comment.

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Cardi B Curses Out Offset on Social Media

Cardi B and Offset are currently going through a public breakup. On Dec. 15, Cardi abruptly hopped on Twitter to criticize Offset. She threatened to "take it there" and additionally hopped on Instagram Live to curse him out even more.

"Cause you a f**king talk to a n***a and a muthaf**ka will play in your f**king face over and over and over and over again," Cardi said. "And still be like, 'Watch. Watch what I'm about to do. Watch what I'm about to say.' And it's so f**king sad that a n***a-yo this n***a really like to play games with me when I'm at my most vulnerable time. When I'm not the most confident. He like to play games with me because he knows I'm not an easy girl."

Offset has not yet responded.

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