Drake did send French Montana a cease-and-desist letter as Rick Ross claimed in his recent diss track.

Drake Sends French Montana a Cease-and-Desist Letter

On Thursday (April 18), a video began circulating from an episode of The Joe Budden podcast that appeared to be posted only on Patreon. In the clip, Joe Budden called up Gamma CEO Larry Jackson to clear up some of the allegations made by Rick Ross on his "Champagne Moments" diss track aimed at Drake. Jackson didn't want to pick sides in the ongoing feud between Drake and Rozay, but he did confirm that Rick Ross claiming Drizzy sent French Montana a cease-and-desist letter did actually happen.

"The cease-and-desist letter was a real thing. I thought that was really funny...but other than that, I got nothing," Jackson told Budden. "We all have different senses of humor. I thought it was funny. I didn't think anybody was really trying to be nefarious. I just thought it was a joke."

Budden added that clearly Ross felt a different way about it. "Listen man, I love everybody involved man," Jackson said.

On the song "Champagne Moments," which officially hit streaming services on Monday (April 15), Rozay speaks about why he unfollowed Drizzy on Instagram.

"I unfollowed you, n***a, ’cause you sent the muthaf**kin' cease-and-desist to French Montana, n***a," he said. "You sent the police, n***a, hatin' on my dog project."

It's been speculated by fans that the song "Splash Brothers" caused the cease-and-desist letter. French's track was set to feature Drake alongside Ross, and was supposed to arrive on French's They Got Amnesia project back in 2021. TMZ then reported that the song was scrapped because Drake was upset by the recent Astroworld tragedy, but this was never confirmed. The song was later slated to appear on French's 2024 project Mac & Cheese 5. However, Lil Wayne ended up replacing Drake on the final song.

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Joe Budden Thinks Drake Co-Owns New Music Company Gamma

On the previous episode of The Joe Budden Podcast on Tuesday (April 16), Joe and crew talked about possible reasons for why everyone appears to be coming after Drake.

"The labels got s**t running through Drake, I'm telling you," Joe insisted. "We're going to find out. One of these n***as is going to spill the beans soon, I'm telling you...There's something here that we don't know enough about yet...I think Drake owns some of Gamma."

Gamma was formed in 2023 by Larry Jackson, who previously was the creative director of Apple Music. The roster of Gamma artists includes Rick Ross, French Montana, Sexyy Red and Usher and others. .

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See the video of Larry Jackson confirming Drake sent French Montana a cease-and-desist letter below.

Watch Larry Jackson Confirm Drake Sent French Montana Cease-and-Desist Letter

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