Drake has an intense, yet hilarious conversation with Lil Dicky in a surprise cameo on Dicky's FX series, Dave.

Drake's Guest Appearance Episode on Dave Is Titled "Looking for Love"

On Wednesday (May 31), an episode titled “Looking for Love” aired as the season three finale starring Drake as one of the special guests. During the scene, Lil Dicky, whose character is Dave, pays a visit to Drizzy in Africa, embracing each other before going to collaborate on music.

What Did Drake and Lil Dicky Say in This Intense But Funny Conversation?

The scene unfolds with Lil Dicky dragging his suitcase out of the van, catching sight of an elephant strolling by. As he approaches the area where Drake is, Dicky shouts, "Hey, Drake" while pulling his suitcase across the grass.

The 6 God, with a smile, returns the greeting with a wave and asks, "What's up?" Expressing his gratitude, Lil Dicky acknowledges Drake by stating, "Thank you for responding to my DM. I know it was long, but shooters shoot, right?" The two exchange a handshake that smoothly transitions into a heartfelt hug, with Drake affirming, "That's what they say. I apologize for the delay on it, but happy we could connect."

As the embrace lingers longer than expected, Lil Dicky confesses, "You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this." To which Drake responds, "Well, you're here now, so welcome."

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Lil Dicky Confesses to Drake That He Is a Superstar

Taking a moment to acknowledge a DM he sent to Drake, Lil Dicky confesses, “I know my DM probably sounded crazy and aggressive level to getting here might be far-reaching, but like, I really am a superstar. I am worthy and special.” Drake counters, saying, "I appreciate that, but when you say it, it's almost like you have this undertone of AutoTune crying. So, tell me again."

This prompts an exchange in which Lil Dicky persistently proclaims himself as a star, asserting that he is on the same level as Drake. Their conversation concludes with another handshake, and Drake admits the intensity of their initial interaction, stating, "I was about to ask if you wanted to eat, but obviously we went straight into positive affirmations.” Lil Dicky shifts gears, inquiring, "Is there any chance you can teach me how to love myself?" Drake responds with a straightforward "no."

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The Conversation Ends With Drake and Lil Dicky Agreeing to Work on Music Together

Feeling embarrassed by his previous question, Lil Dicky admits that he wishes he could turn back time and retract his question. However, Drake quickly offers reassurance, stating that the first time he listened to Lil Dicky's music, he “f**ked with his s**t.”

Following their exchange, Drake extends an invite for Lil Dicky to collaborate on music. Lil Dicky suggests that they should create "some scorned love, like the girl-that-got-away type s**t" tracks.

You can catch season three finale of Dave, along with the entire season, by streaming it on Hulu.

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