Former Da Band member Dylan is convinced Dave Chappelle's 2004 Chappelle's Show skit about Dylan shattered the rapper's career.

Dylan Insists Dave Chapelle Ruined His Rap Career

On March 1, YouTube channel We Are Flatbush premiered part five of their multipart interview with Dylan where he brings viewers up to speed on his current situation. During the sit-down, which can be seen below, Dylan speaks on Dave's viral 2004 skit in which the comedian spoofed Diddy's 2002 reality show Making The Band. In the skit, Dave as Dylan asks, "Who are the five best rappers of all time?" The comedian answers, "Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan and Dylan." 

"When comedians do these jokes, they say something that you said and then they bust it and put it in their own way. This is something that I didn't say at all," the real Dylan explains at the 4:10 mark of the video below. "So, I had not control over this. You said, 'I'm top five rappers.' You said, 'I spit hot fire.' And I'm over here as a kid saying, 'What are they talking about?'"

He continues: "Not only that. Right after, any time I send my music to DJs, they say, 'Oh, that's the n***a that Dave Chappelle made fun of, nah, I'm good on that,'" Dylan said around the 4:45 mark of the video below. "Not only that, but every promoter says, 'Nah, we're not booking him.' So now I have a newborn, and the fridge is empty in 2005, and no one is calling me. Everyone is laughing."

"I'm f**ked up for what you just did," he adds. "And you're not answering the phone...At that time, no one picking up they phone. Not one label; and at that time, you had to sign to a record label. And I know all of them, so I'm calling all of them direct. And they said, 'I can't help you.' That joke gone, boy. That joke took over. That joke burned [my career] at that time. I couldn't do nothing."

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Dylan and Dave Chappelle Meet

Dylan was one of the members of Diddy's now disbanded group Da Band, which was formed on the Making The Band reality show that aired from 2002-2004. Dave's skit about the reality show is one of the most memorable skits from his show's run. Dylan and Dave met for the first time back in 2017 at House of Vans in New York City. In clip, Dave helps promote Dylan's Pain 2 Power album and they recreate the famous skit.

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See Dylan getting emotional while talking about how Dave Chappelle's 2004 skit about Dylan ruined the rapper's career and see Dave's skit below.

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