EST Gee shocked fans when he posted a video blaming Arizona's water for making his foot look ashy.

EST Gee Blamed Arizona's Water for His Ashy Foot

On Saturday (Oct. 21), EST Gee shared on his Instagram Story a video of himself showing off his ashy leg and foot. In the clip, which you can view below, the Louisville rapper pans his camera phone up and down from his leg to his foot. Shockingly, his entire extremity is completely ashy. EST Gee blamed Arizona's water for the extreme ash.

"Ain't no way the water in Arizona this f**ked up," he said in the video. "I get out the shower [and my] leg looks like this."

According to, Arizona ranks as one of the top states for water hardness. The high mineral content, predominantly calcium and magnesium, in the water can exacerbate skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis.

Hard water can also strip your skin of its natural oils, which are responsible for keeping your skin hydrated and protected. It is unclear if this is what happened to EST Gee when he stepped out of the shower, but hopefully, he applied lotion to his skin to restore some moisture.

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Fans React to EST Gee's Ashy Foot

Nevertheless, when fans viewed EST Gee's video, they made plenty of jokes about his extremely ashy foot.

"Nahhh n***a don’t blame the water [loudly crying emoji] bro ain’t use lotion since he came out the womb lmaooooo," wrote one person.

Comedian Tony Baker hilariously roasted EST Gee for his ashy leg and foot.

"Hard water is one thing. But this level of ash is BIBLICAL," he typed. "Mummified. Gotdamn archeologists just pulled out their excavation brushes lookin at this prehistoric leg and foot. Dead Sea legs."

A third fan wrote: "Can someone in Arizona confirm or deny this? He’s turning into an armadillo!"

Another person typed: "Lotion not the only thing he need. He need a lil pedicure as well [tears of joy emoji]."

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Check out EST Gee's ashy foot and the fans' reactions below.

See EST Gee Blame Arizona Water for His Ashy Foot and Fans' Reactions

See Fans' Reactions to EST Gee's Ashy Foot

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