EST Gee inexplicably walked out of a recent interview on The Bootleg Kev Podcast.

EST Gee Walks Out of Interview

On Tuesday (Aug. 15), EST Gee sat down for an interview with Bootleg Kev to promote his upcoming El Toro 2 album, which is dropping on Friday (Aug. 18). During to 24-minute interview, Kev asked Gee some outside-the-box questions in order to try and get the Kentucky rapper to open up, but the tactic did not seem to work with Gee, who did not appear to be very receptive to some of the DJ's queries. After being asked a question about his football playing past, Gee was clearly perturbed.

"What do that got to do with music and s**t right now?" the CMG rapper responded.

Following another question about signing to Yo Gotti's CMG label, Gee got up and walked out without saying a word.

"Well, for the very first time in Bootleg Kev Podcast history, we had someone walk off the set," Kev reacted after looking dumbfounded.

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EST Gee Reacts to Bootleg Kev Interview

After the interview was uploaded on YouTube, EST Gee responded to the video on social media.

"@boolegkev You tryna play it like I walked out cause of football like [I]  aint did plenty of interview talking about playing and talk about it in my music," EST Gee wrote on his Instagram Story. "You asking me if I remembered a old man pornstar. If I believe in aliens and the NFL combine???? WTF do that got to do with my album dropping Friday. And I literally just walked out that interview two hours ago you already got a clip up??? You tryna go viral lol 100. I got real life s**t going. Ask around. Ion feel like playing so please don't play wit me cause I play crazy."

Bootleg Kev Responds to EST Gee Interview

Bootleg Kev has since addressed the interview on social media as well.

"About the @ESTGEE thing- I’m a fan of his music & was genuinely excited to talk to him," Kev wrote on Twitter. "I was told by his team that he wanted to not have an interview NOT filled with typical stuff where we talk about music this music that etc.

"He came 90 minutes late (which isn’t unique with some artists) and didn’t ever really seem to want to talk or be interviewed. I don’t care, I’m still a fan of his music and we got a moment out of it for the Internet. No hard feelings."

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See video of EST Gee's interview on The Bootleg Kev Podcast and Gee and Kev's reactions below.

Watch EST Gee Walk Out Mid-Interview on The Bootleg Kev Podcast

EST Gee responds to Bootleg Kev interview.

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