Fat Joe believes male rappers who paint their fingernails do it to get attention.

Fat Joe Believes Rappers Paint Their Nails for Attention

During a recent Instagram Live session, Fat Joe weighed in on what he thought about rappers painting their nails and wearing purses. In a viral clip, which surfaced on Thursday (April 25), the Bronx rapper believed that male rappers who paint their nails are doing it because it will make them go viral and possibly increase their record sales.

"It feels like…a new trend, a new swag, a new style," he said in the video below. "Paint your nails, use a bag, wear a bag."

Fat Joe also cited Young Thug for wearing a dress on the cover of his 2016 mixtape Jeffery.

Although Fat Joe has a right to his opinion, many rappers have been painting their nails for many years before it became a trending topic on rap blogs.

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Male Rappers Wearing Nail Polish Is Very Common in Hip-Hop Now

While it may be jarring for some people to see rappers wearing nail polish, it's not uncommon in hip-hop.

Lil Yachty, the founder of the nail polish brand Crete, has faced years of online ridicule for expressing himself through nail art. The rapper first began experimenting with nail polish in 2021 after receiving guidance from A$AP Rocky, who introduced him to clear polish and buffing techniques.

Meanwhile, fellow rhymers Tyler, The Creator and Machine Gun Kelly have followed in Yachty's footsteps by launching their own nail polish brands that challenge traditional gender boundaries. Additionally, Lil Pump and Trippie Redd have embraced nail-painting and seamlessly integrated it into their distinctive wardrobes. Even YoungBoy Never Broke Again is fearless when it comes rocking his painted nails.

Although some fans (and artists) may be surprised to see rappers wearing nail polish, it's not a new trend or a marketing ploy to increase album sales.

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See Fat Joe explain the reasoning behind rappers painting their nails and wearing purses below.

Watch Fat Joe Explain Why Rappers Paint Their Nails and Wear Purses

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