Finesse2tymes is accusing Wack 100 of working with the feds after the manager criticized the rapper's mother for her past legal troubles.

Finesse2tymes Claps Back at Wack 100

On Monday (March 25), Finesse2tymes responded to allegations made by Wack 100 on Instagram on Saturday (March 23). Wack had shared a slew of mugshots on Instagram of Pluria Leshay Alexander, Finesse's mother, and accused the rapper of being a rat.

"Warning @1finesse2tymes is in a desperate situation," Wack's first post read. "He needs to clear his momma of these charges. Hey bozo take data 100K u had on me and put itinto ya mommas bail or legal ..streets I warned up. @jprincerespect Still doing business with a known [rat emoji]."

Finesse commented underneath the post, "Let me guess u was naked laying across the bed when u made this post." Wack then responded, "I don’t beef with NO man that has his momma’s hips #Respectfully."

The two traded a few more jabs at each other before Finesse decided to hop on camera and address Wack in a different way.

"It’s known that you move with the feds, bruh," Finesse said in one part of the lengthy rant. "It’s known that you got the feds securing No Jumper when you there. It’s known that you got the feds securing every spot that you there. You win on the internet, but every time I’m in Chicago, where you poppin' out at? Why you ain’t at no Rolling Loud? Why you ain’t at no functions? Why you ain’t nowhere but behind the microphone? ‘Cause you a b***h! And that’s that on that."

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DJ Akademiks Goes Off on Finesse2tymes

Wack 100 isn't the only person Finesse2tymes is beefing with. Back in January, a video surfaced of DJ Akademiks taunting the Memphis rapper by threatening to expose Finesse for snitching.

Ak's vitriolic response came after Finesse2tymes called out multiple blogs on the single "Click Bait."

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See Wack 100's post about Finesse2tymes as well as his response below.

See Wack 100's Post About Finesse2tymes

Watch Finesse2tymes Respond to Wack 100

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