Fivio Foreign is getting called out by his girlfriend after a video showed Asian Doll twerking on him on TikTok.

On Thursday (Dec. 28), Fivio Foreign's partner Jasmine Giselle went on Instagram Live to blast the B.I.B.L.E. rapper after being sent a TikTok video Asian Doll shared early this morning that features Fivi. In the clip, Ice Spice's new single "In Ha Mood" is playing. Fivio and Asian appear to be in the kitchen area of a home with multiple other men in attendance. Asian backs it up on Fivio, who grabs her pants to pull her closer for leverage. Asian pokes her tongue out in enjoyment and whips her head around before the clip ends.

In Jasmine's live, she is personally addressing Fivio who is at home in bed, hungover from partying, Jasmine claims.

"Home, here. But posted up with Asian Doll. You real cute," she addresses the seemingly incoherent Fivio. "This is ain't no exposure shit. We together, but he's been hiding that we are together...For the bitches that didn't know. Asian Doll, we're together. I don't know why you posted up with Asian Doll like you with Asian Doll."

Fivio eventually rises from the bed and accuses Jasmine of "doing weird shit."

"Oh, going to my crib and dubbing on Asian Doll is weirder," she responds. "You don't like this shit, right? Well, I don't like the shit you doing either, embarrassing me on Instagram. What you mean?"

"Somebody sent me that video," she continues. "I don't follow Asian Doll. You moving around acting like you single and you not. That's your problem, you not single. And they was doing that today. You not single. He's home, here, everyday. Yea, he's sick now. ’Cause when niggas get caught up they sick all of a sudden."

Fivio Foreign and Jasmine have had public issues in the past. Back in September, she accused him of being a bi-sexual sex addict. She later apologized and said she was lying.

See Video of Asian Doll and Fivio Foreign Getting Close and Jasmine's Reaction Below


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