Fivio Foreign's business is on front street after his girlfriend shared video of her yelling at the rapper because of a new TikTok where he is getting twerked on by Asian Doll. Now the Brooklyn, N.Y. rapper is responding.

On Wednesday afternoon (Dec. 28), Fivio shared a post on Twitter reacting to the recent uproar made over him getting screamed on by his girlfriend Jasmine Giselle. The B.I.B.L.E. rapper seems perplexed as to why such a fuss was being made over what he sees is an innocent interaction.

"A nigga can’t dance w. His friend," Fivio typed. "This world demonic smh," he added.

Asian Doll has appeared to react to her name trending on Twitter due to the video as well. On her Instagram Story, she shared a photo of a young man smiling from ear-to-ear along with the caption: "Mood."

Asian Doll instagram.

This whole situation started when Asian Doll shared a video of herself twerking on Fivio Foreign on TikTok to the soundtrack of Ice Spice's new single "In Ha Mood." In the clip, Fivio grabs Asian's waistband and aggressively thrusts her backside while she twerks on him.

Someone sent Fivio Foreign's girlfriend Jasmine Giselle the video and she let Fivio have it on Instagram Live when he got home this morning.

"Home, here. But posted up with Asian Doll. You real cute," she nagged the half-sleep Fivio in the video. "This is ain't no exposure shit. We together, but he's been hiding that we are together...For the bitches that didn't know. Asian Doll, we're together. I don't know why you posted up with Asian Doll like you with Asian Doll."

"You moving around acting like you single and you not," she added. "That's your problem, you not single. And they was doing that today. You not single. He's home, here, everyday. Yea, he's sick now. ’Cause when niggas get caught up they sick all of a sudden."


See Video of Fivio Foreign's Girlfriend Yelling at Him for Dancing With Asian Doll Below

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