G Herbo is insisting that he was told to troll Funny Marco during their awkward interview last year, but fans have some thoughts on that.

G Herbo Insists He Was Told to Troll Funny Marco During Awkward Interview, Fans React

On Feb. 10, G Herbo sat down for an interview with Drink Champs and was asked to clarify what exactly happened during his tense interview with Funny Marco last October.

"Marco first and foremost, that's my man," Herbo began in the clip below. "We already had a relationship prior to doing the interview and s**t. So originally [Southside] was supposed to did the interview, the episode, and they had his production staff told us to troll him. It was supposed to be a surprise to come on to troll him. We wasn't originally just on bulls**t, we was a little off the sauce. We was a little extra overboard, but the whole thing was to come on there intimidate him on his show like pull a him on him."

Herbo continued, "I spoke to him before we even came out and we was good. I don't know if it was like a confusion between our staff and his production team where we didn't think it really wanted to come out. Nah it was cool, we ain't trippin', like public perception and what people are gonna take from it. That's another thing, that's the name of the game that's what come with it."

Fans had a lot to say about Herbo's comments, claiming that the trolling came off as bullying.

"Trolling and bullying aren’t the same Herbert wtf," one fan commented on Hollywood Unlocked's Instagram, which had reshared the clip. "Nah they went to far," another fan wrote.

"Trolling and bullying not the same right but in the hood it is," someone added in the comments. "Which is crazy! They mind need to get out the hood mentality cause ik the hood bullying is trolling vice versa …. Not saying it’s right just saying this is what it is!"

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G Herbo, Southside Face Backlash for Funny Marco Interview

G Herbo and producer Southside faced a good amount of backlash after accosting comedian Funny Marco on his Open Thoughts podcast last year. The pair mostly deflected Funny Marco's questions and appeared to get confrontational a few times throughout. They sometimes ignored Marco altogether. At one point, Marco later revealed that the duo even broke his $30,000 watch in a deleted scene.

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Watch G Herbo speak about the Funny Marco incident in his interview with Drink Champs below.

See Fans Reactions to G Herbo's Funny Marco Comments

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Watch G Herbo's Interview on Drink Champs

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