Ice Spice has arrived at the 2024 Super Bowl with Taylor Swift.

Ice Spice Shows Up to 2024 Super Bowl With Taylor Swift and Blake Lively

On Sunday (Feb. 11) Ice Spice and Taylor Swift pulled up to the 2024 Super Bowl together to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play the San Francisco 49ers. Swift's current bae Travis Kelce will be taking the field as the Chief's tight end, and Spice and Swift were spotted before the game relaxing in the VIP suit chatting with Philadelphia Eagles player Jason Kelce — Travis's brother.

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Ice Spice Stars in Soda Ad for 2024 Super Bowl

Spice has already been involved in some Super Bowl mania. On Feb. 2, Starry debuted their new 2024 Super Bowl ad starring none other than Ice Spice. In the ad, which can be seen below, the Bronx, N.Y. rapper is at a club with two of the company's animated lemon and lime mascots when her ex-boyfriend runs down on them.

"I just needed something more refreshing, more crisp and more starryer," she tells him.

The guy then expresses his love for Ice Spice before his head explodes in a carbonated geyser.

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Watch Ice Spice and Taylor Swift arrive at the 2024 Super Bowl below.

Watch Ice Spice and Taylor Swift Arrive at 2024 Super Bowl

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