Jim Jones says Lil Baby's Rap Snacks chips are too hot to handle.

On Saturday (March 25), Jim Jones hopped on his Instagram account and shared a video of himself in a car sweating profusely while eating Lil Baby's All-In: Salt and Vinegar, BBQ, Onion, Garlic, Cayenne Pepper-Flavored Rap Snacks potato chips. The Harlem, N.Y. rapper jokingly said that he wanted smoke with Lil Baby before complimenting the Atlanta rhymer for having "the hottest chips in America."

"Yo bro, I'm on [fire], but these [chips taste fire]. Nah Lil Baby, I want smoke with you," Capo joked while wiping sweat off his face.

"F**k hot Cheetos, get the hot Lil Baby's, ya heard?" he continued. "These chips are fire, literally. But they taste good."

Jim Jones has previously felt the heat from Lil Baby's potato chips before. Earlier this month, Jim and Hitmaka were on DJ Self's Apt. 5H podcast where Jim was eating Lil Baby's spicy chips for the first time. While Self is chatting with Hitmaka, Jim is grabbing sheets of paper towels and wiping sweat off his face.

DJ Self noticed Jim was having some issues and asked if he was OK.

"I feel like pooping right now, [these chips] got a n***a sweating bad, ya heard," replied the Dipset member.

"Fuck this s**t, it's too hot," he added about Baby's chips. "This s**t is hot as hell, this s**t is hot as firecrackers. These [chips] got me sweatin' and all types of s**t."

It looks like Lil Baby has a delectable hit with his spicy brand of Rap Snacks potato chips.

Watch Jim Jones Sweat Profusely While Eating Lil Baby's Rap Snack Potato Chips Below

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