Joe Budden thinks that Drake is getting paid to promote Sexyy Red.

Joe Budden Thinks Drake Is Paid to Promote Sexyy Red

On the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, which aired last Thursday (March 28) on YouTube, Joe theorized on why Drake is constantly promoting Sexyy Red. The podcast king believes the Toronto rap superstar is being paid to promote Red.

While discussing whether Drake will respond to Kendrick Lamar who dissed him on Future and Metro Boomin's track "Like That," Joe subtly suggested that Drizzy may be getting paid off the success of other rappers' deals, a practice that Joe believes could explain Drake's frequent appearances in Sexyy Red's music videos and his consistent public support for her.

"It sound like a n***a that could rap at that level that gets paid off everybody's deal tryna rap," Joe said. "That's what it sound like to me."

"You said this paid off somebody's deal. Is this confirmed or this is just some inside s**t that you saying?" TJBP co-host Trevor "Queenzflip" Robinson asked Joe at the 2-hour mark in the video below.

"Oh, you think he [Drake] just likes being around Sexyy Red that much," Joe responded.

It's no secret that Drake has an affinity for Sexyy Red. From lavishing her with expensive gifts and recently appearing in her "Get It Sexyy" music video, Drizzy has been showing a huge amount of support for the St. Louis rapper.

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Drake's Love for Sexyy Red Is Costing Him Big Bucks

Joe Budden's hot take aside, in a remarkably short period, Drake and Sexyy Red have formed an enduring tight bond. On the surface, their relationship blurs the lines between romantic and platonic. But it appears to be more of the latter. Either way, the 6 God's love for the "SkeeYee" rapper is proving to be costly for him.

Last month, Drake showered Red with four Chanel bags in pink, purple, burgundy and black, as well as $50,000 in cash. If you estimate the price range of a single Chanel flap bag it can cost anywhere between $6,000 and $11,000. So, the four designer purses that Drake got her was probably around $44,000. Add on the $50,000 in cash and Drizzy possibly spent $94,000 altogether. That's a helluva friendship.

Although it's unclear whether Drake's affection toward Sexyy Red is part of a promotional campaign or it's merely platonic, the nature of their relationship reveals a deep mutual admiration. And we need to see more of that among rap peers in hip-hop.

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Watch Joe Budden theorize that Drake is getting paid to promote Sexyy Red below.

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