Joe Budden isn't moved by Logic's tearful interview with his father and said he wants to "smack" Logic because of the things he said to his dad.

Joe Budden Says He Wanted to 'Smack' Logic for Interview With Father

On Sunday (Feb. 11), Budden spoke about Logic's viral interview with his father on the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcastwhich can be viewed belowLogic recently invited his father to appear on his own podcast called Logically Speaking and proceeded to get incredibly emotional when discussing his childhood trauma. Budden wasn't moved by the interview and said it made him pity the College Park rapper.

"I feel sorry for him," Joe Budden said regarding Logic at the 1:40:00 mark of the podcast below. "I feel sorry for the people that run around uncomfortable with self. I feel sorry for the people that feel like they have to speak down on the parents because they have resentments. If you want to do that, you don’t have to do that on camera for the sake of content."

Budden later adds: "I think that Logic has a lot of that self-hate inside of him and it comes out in these weird ways. Like, the whole story about Logic’s upbringing and his mom calling dad a n***er, and some of that hate that they speak about. I wanted to smack Logic for talking to his dad like that. I seen that s**t and prayed for him. Imagine if Drake did something like that to his dad. Like, imagine that. These n***as are crazy."

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Logic Gives Emotional Interview With Absent Father

Budden's response comes after Logic sat for a lengthy conversation with his absent father on Feb. 6. Logic has often rapped about his father, who was a drug addict and absent most of his life, and appeared to confront him for the first time about the trauma he inflicted on the rapper as a kid.

"My n***a, you’ve asked me for money," Logic tells his father in the clip Joe Budden is referring to. "I get it. I hear what you’re saying right now but I’ma look you in your f**king eyes and I’ma tell you, you have asked me for a million dollars. Now what I’m saying is, we ain’t f**king with none of that s**t."

Joe Budden has been very quick to criticize Logic over the course of his career. Back in 2023, Budden pleaded for Logic to retire from rap altogether.

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Watch Joe Budden speak on Logic's interview with his father below.

Watch Joe Budden Speak About Logic's Interview With His Father

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