Lil Reese was caught on camera fighting with a group of women and a man in downtown Chicago.

Lil Reese Engaged in Fight With a Group of Women in Chicago

On Sunday (Oct. 22), a video surfaced on social media showing Lil Reese fighting with a group of women and a man in the streets of Chicago. In the short clip, which you can watch below, Reese is seen pushing one woman to the ground and warning another female bystander to step back.

The Chicago rapper then turns his attention to two other women who are yelling at him. He grabs one woman by the neck and shoves her and does the same to the other. A man jumps into the fray and pushes Reese back, which infuriates him, and soon they start tussling with each other. A woman steps in and breaks up their fight before the video ends.

It is unclear why Lil Reese was fighting with a group of women in the street.

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Was Lil Reese Shot?

Lil Reese's video comes after rumors began circulating on social media last Thursday (Oct. 19) that the "Come Outside" rapper had been shot in Chicago. Thankfully, the rumor was proven to be false after Lil Reese’s sister hopped on her Instagram Story to shut down the fake news.

"Before y’all keep steady DM and steady calling and texting me, it’s nothing wrong with my brother! That s**t is so old ppl just weird as hell out here!!!" she wrote.

Ultimately, the person cleared the air and ensured that Lil Reese is safe and doing well. The rumors also reminded fans of Reese's near-fatal 2019 incident where he was shot in the neck. Luckily, he survived that shooting.

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Watch Lil Reese Fight a Group of Men and Women in Street in Chicago

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