Lil Wayne is starring in Home.Com's 2024 Super Bowl commercial alongside Schitts Creek star Dan Levy.

Lil Wayne Stars in Home.Com's 2024 Super Bowl commercial

As the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs gear up for their big Super Bowl rematch a Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Sunday (Feb. 11), Lil Wayne gets some time in the spotlight and secures a bag along the way. Weezy popped up in the latest Super Bowl ad for Homes.Com and starred alongside Dan Levy.

In the video below, Dan Levy is in a Homes.Com pitch meeting, and at one point tells Weezy "nah" when he asks whether a Meatloaf Monday in schools would be a "smash or nah."

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Who Are the Other Rappers Appearing in 2024 Super Bowl Commercials?

Gone are the days of riveted viewers keeping their eyes glued to the TV to catch a glimpse of the big names companies tap to appear in Super Bowl ads for their brands. In recent years, top-dollar commercials have often been rolled out online hours and sometimes days before kickoff on Super Sunday.

This year alone, Ice Spice, LL Cool J and Post Malone all landed entertaining roles in Super Bowl spots for big-time beverage companies that each premiered ahead of game time. Posty remains the go-to guy for Bud Light while LL goes full steam ahead on Coors Light's Chill Train. As for Ice Spice, she finds herself being courted by the latest lemon-lime soda on the block in the form of the Super Bowl ad for Pepsi's new Starry brand.

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In the Homes.Com Super Bowl commercial below, watch Lil Wayne star alongside Dan Levy.

Watch Lil Wayne Appear in Homes.Com 2024 Super Bowl Ad

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